Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miracles are not always huge, be sure not to miss the small ones...

Working in one of the small SVDP clothing stores we own I was witness to a sweet miracle. One afternoon a young mother and her five year old son came into the clothing store I was working alone at. She was a very sweet girl with this cheery voice I can still hear if I stop to listen to it in my mind. Her little boy was bouncing around the store and so excited to see each item we had hung up. Mom was on a mission to find her son some warm winter boots. I helped her find just the perfect pair and offered her to take them to the counter so she could keep looking hands free. At one point the little boy showed his mom a beautiful dress but one you would wear to say a prom. It had lots of pretty bead work on it. She lit up and said oh that is so beautiful and I think I will save up for it and buy it for myself. She held it to herself and twirled around in the mirror. The little boy had to keep touching it and asked his mom why she would not buy it now. She explained she needed to save up for it. Now mind you the dress was priced at $5.00. It had a few flaws on it that had me price it so low. She found the flaws as beauty marks.

You all have no idea how much I wanted to offer to buy it for her but knew I had to set boundaries. If I bought one mom a dress how could I not do it for each mom who came into the store who did not have the money. I am sure you are wondering why being it was Saint Vincent De Pauls I did not just give her the dress. We do give clothing but we give needed/necessity clothing and items. I could not start this habit at the store.

By now others were shopping in the store too. I was busy helping everyone I could. As one woman finished up her shopping she came up and had that prom dress in her hands. She comment on how beautiful it was and how that other woman was right about the flaws only being beauty marks. She acted so excited to be purchasing the dress. My heart sunk for the mom who wanted to save up for it. My mind went right into judgment of the lady buying it as she had heard how much this young mom wanted it. I thought to myself while still smiling what a rotten woman. While paying she gave me the extra to pay for the little boys snow boots. I quickly figured out what was happening and instantly thought how quick I was to judge. This woman had just purchased the dress and the boots for this young mom. She asked me to bag them up and give them to the mom after she left. She wanted me to tell the young mom Merry Christmas early. I had just witnessed the miracle of such a kind heart. How often do you think this kind of thing happens in a big department store? Maybe it happens more then any of us know. All I know is it was a moment in time that I saw pure kindness without the woman needing to be acknowledged. She left with just the feeling inside herself knowing she did a good deed. I am now working hard to not pass judgment on others.

Do you see this as a miracle? No ones life was saved. No one starving was fed. I could go on and on but just want to give you something to think about. Miracles come in all forms. This was a miracle of such sweet kindness when many do not have the extra to do for others. The woman who purchased the items was herself having to shop second hand. Did I mention the young mom slipped the dress on over her jeans as her son asked her to do and they both skipped out of my store? It was a sight I will always remember.

I have many stories of all kinds of miracles small and large. I don't want to discredit any of them for the size they came in.

From the heart,


  1. Rushing to judge is something I'm working on, myself. Giving grace to others is also something I'm striving for this year!

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